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    The Town of Algoma Fire Department is a volunteer fire department composed of devoted residents that give their time aside from normal life to seek education and training to serve their community in firefighting, rescue and emergency medical services. All of our members are required to obtain State of Wisconsin Firefighter 1 certification within their first two years on the department. This certification is a standard in the state to make sure those who respond in an emergency are properly trained for safe and efficient practices. 

    The Town of Algoma is a community that can be found on the south side of Lake Butte des Morts and West of the City of Oshkosh. The fire department covers about 11 square miles and has a resident base of about 7,000 people. In addition to the residents, we also provide services to those who choose to commute through our town. Highway 21 is the main connection between Omro and Oshkosh and provides high traffic volumes every day.

    Along with fire protection and emergency medical services within the borders of the town the fire department will also provide assistance to the surrounding communities when requested. Town of Algoma frequently provides assistance to Omro-Rushford Fire Department and will provide staffing for the City of Oshkosh during large fires within the city. These agreements are part of MABAS (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System). This ensures that instead of one department being depleted of all their resources, apparatus are requested from several different municipalities. 

    The Town of Algoma Fire Department currently has 19 firefighters, 9 firefighter/EMRs , and 3 EMRs that respond for both emergency and non-emergency calls. The amount of calls that are received each year vary for obvious reasons. You can expect our department to respond on average to 100 fire related calls and 250 medical calls in one year.

    Requirements for our members are to be an active participant in all activities held by the fire department which includes responding to calls, public education, fundraising, and training. Our firefighters are provided training every first and third Monday of the month with additional training from outside of the department to further education and knowledge of different situations that may arise during a response. Due to the level of commitment we have never failed on responding to calls and always have responded expediently. Our public image is also important to us and providing good, effective public education through events and fundraisers ensures we are able to have a strong bond with our community and building relationships to those in our community.

    Now that you have a good idea of what our department is and how we operate, we welcome you to reach-out whether it be in a time of need or to set-up a quick tour. We truly look forward to working for you in the future and welcome to the Town of Algoma.


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