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The Town of Algoma Fire Department performs various rescue and fire suppression services to the residents of Algoma and assist neighboring communities when requested. We also have another branch of our fire department that responds to EMS call as first responders.

Fire Suppression

Fire suppression is one of the biggest and most common services that a fire department performs. Fire suppression can be a wide variety of events which include but are not limited to: house fires, vehicle fires, grass fires, etc. Firefighters also respond to calls such as gas leaks and carbon monoxide alarms

Vehicle Extrication

With the presence of busy roads in our town, the chance of vehicle accidents is high. Our firefighters are trained in various extrication techniques to remove trapped passengers when needed.

Water rescue

With Lake Butte des Morts and various ponds through the town we train and are ready to respond to shore based water rescues. Members in a special suit swim out to help citizens that are in distress. With the combination of our fire department and the Oshkosh Fire Department dive team we are ready for any water rescue.

Public Education

In the fire service we do more than just respond to emergencies. We also try and prevent them all together. We perform public education events throughout the year to try and educate the citizens and the children how to be fire smart and prevent fires before they start. We also perform fire inspections of our local business to find hazards before they cause a fire.

Ice Water Rescue

Along with open water rescue we are also equipped to provide shore based ice water rescue. Once again our special suits keep our firefighters warm and dry as they help a citizen in distress. Oshkosh Fire's dive team also can be requested if needed.


A few of our firefighters also respond as Emergency Medical Responders or EMRs to residents that are having a medical emergency. Our members live in different locations which allows someone with medical training to be on scene fast and provide care. The City of Oshkosh Fire Department responds with an ambulance that is staffed by two paramedics that then take over care and transport to a hospital.

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