Our Station

Station 21 is located at 2622 Omro rd and houses our turnout gear and fire trucks.

Station 21

Engine 21

Engine 21 is 1999 Pierce Saber and is our front-line truck for most fire calls.

Rescue 21

Rescue 21 is 2004 Pierce Enforcer and carries our department's extrication equipment. It is first-due for vehicle accidents, gas leaks, and rescue situations.

Tender 21

Tender 21 is a 1995 Ford L8000 and carries 3,500 gallons of water for use in areas without fire hydrants

Grass 21

Grass 21 is 2014 Ford F350 and is used for grass fires that require an off-road capable vehicle. There is a specially designed pump and hose for fighting wildfires

Squad 21

Squad 21 is 2011 Dodge 5500 and carries our water rescue equipment for both open water and ice rescues

Air 21

Air 21 is 2004 trailer that has a mobile air compressor that is  able to refill our air tanks on the scene of a large fire.

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